All of a sudden, I seem to be a very busy writer. In December, I had stories published in two different anthologies and in January I released my new story “Lily Dean” on Amazon. Yesterday, February 2, I found out my story “Tumbling Down” was accepted for the Sirens Call Publications’ Women in Horror Month ezine.

I’m tickled pink of course and energized to write even more, even better stories. I’m working on a re-do of the story Mesmer which is also part of the Freaked Out series, and has a new cover created by Jeffrey Kosh. Also, I’ll be re-releasing Marie, the first story in the series, with a new cover by Kosh. Eventually, six stories about circus freaks, all with beautiful coordinating covers made by Kosh. Hurray!

I’m also trying to write a chapter for a possible collaboration with my good friend, Robert Rumery. Rob’s writing a nifty story about demons, vampires, demon hunters and all kinds of battles and violence. We’re trying to see if I can work with him on this project. It sounds like a good match but we shall see!

And of course I’m working on the fourth story for the Freaked Out series. This one is called Smudge, about a tattooed man whose tattoos tend to fade away then reappear elsewhere on his body. Plenty of oohs and aahs and how’s that happen? And then one little tattoo gets  a mind of its own and puts Smudge through hell.

My goal with the Freaked Out series is to have all six stories released by mid-summer, then hopefully, combine them into one novel-length book, and try to get a publisher interested. If not, hey, I still will have six entertaining short stories out there!

But the biggest project for 2014, and one I have done very little work on, is a novel. Yes, this is the Year of the Novel in Lori’s World. I’m planning to write a zombie novel, set in the prairies of my home state of Nebraska. Trust me, I’m tired of the same old zombie stories, too, so this one will have quite a few  twists. I’ll let you know how it’s progressing!

In addition to writing, an author has interviews, release parties, helping other writers out with beta reading, and much more to do. Just keeping myself organized is a big job and I wish I had a secretary. Dream on! Writing is not lucrative and the last thing I’d be able to afford is a secretary, but a girl can dream!

I’ve also been discovering oodles of awesome new authors lately. It’s like I walked into a brand new bookstore and voila! every book is wonderful! My writer friends and their beautiful words keep me inspired.